Here Goes Nothin’

When I first created this account YEARS ago, I had this wild idea of using it as my personal journal to navigate through my late twenties. Now here I am less than 365 days away from 30 and finally feel comfortablish enough to know that I have nothing to lose. The likelihood of people I know in the physical world or professional world is highly unlikely and ultimately… doesn’t matter if they do. Even so, it’s crazy to think about the amount of time I have spent playing small to allow others and myself to feel comfortable. What have I missed out on? Who would I be?

I have learned a lot over the last 29 years and still have so much to work through. My greatest feat however is learning to fully love myself in all my forms. Love the version of me that wants to veg out on the couch and not move for hours. Love the version of me that can down a whole bowl of raw brownie batter. The version of me that shies away from conflict. The version that longs to be loved and cared for.

If you somehow stumbled upon this- Welcome! If you are still reading this far- Awesome! Here’s to connecting the dots in life and I translating the last year of my twenties.

Published by translatingmytwenties

Trying to figure out this thing called life and enjoying it along the way.

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